Every trophy is a weekend,
but not every weekend is a trophy

Seeing before the bend

I’ve been called many names, White Lighting, Baby Vettel, Stuwie, the Bloemfontein Bullet, to name but a few. Although it is a compliment I develop and believe in my own identity.

I am respectful, dedicated, a team player, focused, patient, persistent, grateful, humble, competitive, disciplined, calculated,confident and pragmatic. 

My Formula for success is rooted in my name – Stuart. I push the boundaries for the team and
myself. I believe in making the team stronger because then, I become stronger. 

Without the team I am nothing. F:S represents my identity, purpose and vision.

Every trophy is a weekend and more than 130 of them bears witness to the fact. 

I adjust my expectations according to my achievements and allow disappointments to school me in patience, persistence and determination.

I know that every weekend is not a trophy.

My future plans and vision – driving F1 or Indy Car but my ultimate north star is winning the Le Mans. I am dedicated and ready to invest in the team willing to invest in me.

I see before the bend; I have my own formula for success. I understand sacrifice, I have experienced disappointments,

I have tasted success. I know that success has a price which I am willing to pay.

Wining or losing, it is all part of the career I call RACING.